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Nicolas Pesci

As a retirement specialist, I have learned to challenge the status quo of traditional financial thinking which is based on the risk-reward myth that says if you want big rewards you have to be willing to take big risks. What I've discovered is that clients can build a system that works under most conditions, not just ideal ones, where safety is not sacrificed for financial gains. If your pursuit of a comfortable retirement causes you to stress, you won't enjoy the journey or your retirement.

I focus on three things that my clients want and that help leads to a sound retirement:

1. Safety first. We focus on protecting your principal.
2. A reasonable rate of return. We avoid relying solely on market returns which can be volatile.
3. Simplicity. We focus on solutions with fewer moving parts that are wisely chosen and easier to understand.

This focus and a passion to help and serve my clients has helped me become a multi-year qualifier* of MDRT's Top of the Table - a level that has placed my work in the top 1% of advisors across the country. 

Likewise, I’m an active member of the Advisory Board for one of the largest Financial Marketing Organizations in the country, where I have had the opportunity to mentor over 200 other financial service professionals from across the United States as they need help.  This is done through assisting in coaching, speaking at industry events or even one-on-one in office mentoring. I am also a proud member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and am actively involved in my community and love giving back to the industry that gives so much to my clients.


*The Qualifying Member (Q) was created by the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).  The requirements do not evaluate the quality of services provided and is granted for one year only and is not indicative of the applicant’s future performance.